September 17, 2020

Why do you need a harness and leash for a cat?

Everyone knows that a cat is an independent animal. Therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to force her to do something against her own will. Often, females compare themselves with these animals, proclaiming: “I am like a cat, I walk by myself.” If you and your pet live in a rural area, the free-range is much less dangerous for him. Choose escape proof cat harness for your friend.

Cats in an urban environment should walk under control – this will help keep them alive and healthy. How can this be achieved? After all, a cat will not walk next to you, like an obedient dog and you cannot put a collar on it. The most suitable option for walking representatives of the feline family is to purchase a harness for a cat.

Benefits of a cat harness

Even if you are a supporter of home keeping, you will have to admit that walking is a boon for your cat. Movement, fresh air, new impressions – all this can only benefit the animal. But there is a lot of traffic in the city, the pet can get hit by a car. He can be injured by irresponsible people and other animals. A cat can get lost or fall into the wrong hands. Only by taking it on a leash, you will achieve the following:

  • You will be able to take the animal for a walk at any time and day convenient for you. In this case, a situation cannot arise when you urgently need to leave for the whole day, and the cat has slipped away from home and no one knows when it will appear.
  • You will protect your pet from the encroachments of unfriendly congeners who can seriously injure him in battles for territory.
  • The cat will not be able to pick up food waste and pieces of food that she likes scattered on the street, which means that the risk of infections and poisoning will be minimized.
  • The harness for the cat does not restrict its movements to the extent that it can harm it. Even if the animal, frightened by something, tries to escape and run away, this device will securely and gently hold it without causing damage.
  • Using a harness, it is easy for the owner to control the walking time at his own discretion and to bring the cat home when the owner himself needs it.

In addition to walking, the accessory is convenient to use for going to a veterinary clinic or an exhibition. In a noisy and unfamiliar place, the animal can easily get scared and run away. A harness and leash will prevent this.

How to choose the right harness

What should you pay attention to when choosing a harness and leash?

  • It is better to give preference to fabric models. They are easy to wash when necessary, they do not chafe. Harnesses made of leather are coarser and heavier, cats do not like them.
  • The most convenient width of the straps is 1-1.5 cm. It is better to buy a design with adjustable straps, it can be more accurately adjusted to the size of the animal.
  • pay attention to the fasteners, they should be comfortable to use and firmly attached. It is better if the leash for cats is removable – this makes it possible to attach, if necessary, a longer leash-tape.

When putting the harness on your pet, make sure that it is not too tight. If you can slip two of your fingers under it, then you’re fine.

We accustom the animal to a harness and a leash

Buying a cat harness is not a problem at any store that sells pet supplies. Some needlewomen are able to make this accessory themselves. But be prepared that the animal will not get used to the harness, as well as to the leash, right away. There is a preliminary stage of accustoming. First, put only a harness on the cat and in this form let it walk around the apartment. Some obstinate cats, at the first attempts, try to steal everything foreign from themselves, be patient.

In the second step, start training your pet on a leash. The cat must understand and accept that when she is on a leash, she will no longer be able to go where she pleases. Soothe the animal with stroking movements and voice. This will let him know that everything is in order, there is no threat and you are not going to do anything bad to him.

It is best to start training your cat harness at an early age. The kitten can quickly get used to a kind of “harness. But you can teach an adult cat to walk on a leash, this process will require a little more time and patience.

The leash for cats is a symbol of restriction of freedom. The first time on the street you will have to walk after your cat, which is strapped on. If you insist on your own and pull the pet in the right direction, it will start to rest, and then completely lie on the ground. You won’t achieve anything by force.

For the first walks, it is better to choose a secluded, quiet place where the cat can slowly get used to it. In the future, even if you get the impression that it is not you who are walking your cat, but he is you, such walks will begin to bring pleasure to both.